Show Yourself Some Love!

I recently picked up a book by Hal Elrod called “The Miracle Morning.” The book’s central point is given away by its subtitle: “The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM).” Here’s the idea: get up earlier and take a bit of time to exercise, journal, meditate, and establish other healthy habits.

I’m a sucker for new self-help routines so I had big plans for Monday morning.

I planned to get up at 7:00 a.m. and hit the gym. I was going to go through my workout routine and then take a nice, long swim.

When my alarm started blaring, I reached for the snooze button as quickly as I could. I knew I was doing it. I knew I shouldn’t do it. But, do it I did.

A coooooold morning

A coooold morning… Photo via Anh Tuan Hoang

When I finally sat up at about 7:40, I didn’t want to go the gym. I sat there for a few minutes and stretched. My internal monologue was listing off reasons on why I should just skip today and start fresh tomorrow.

But, I went anyway.

On the walk home, I was beating myself up about how the morning had gone. I hadn’t stuck to the plan that I had made for myself. I had slept in. I hadn’t gotten in the workout that I planned. I failed.

Have you gone through something similar? Have you failed to meet the standards you set for yourself and then came down on yourself about it?

Why do we resort to self-flagellation?

Sure, I woke up later than I thought I would be and, sure, I didn’t get a swim in after my routine, but I still got up earlier than I had the day before, and I still got myself to the gym. Those were two successes that I had by 9:00 a.m. Those were two wins!

Tuesday morning was the same story. I laid in bed and could hear the wind howling outside. It was either turn off my alarm, get dressed, and head out or hit snooze one or two or nine times and remain snuggled under the blankets. You know which one I chose.

And you know what I said to myself as I finally walked to the gym.

I’d wager that your story is the same. You may not have hit 100% but maybe 80% instead. Or 70%. Even 30-40% is more than you would’ve hit had you made no effort whatsoever.

And that is something to be proud of.

Why is it so much harder to show compassion for ourselves in those times that we fall short than it is to show our loved ones?

Why are we so much harder on ourselves than to someone we may meet on the street.

Compassion is not always easy to give but it seems infinitely harder to give to ourselves.

My assignment to you (besides reading my blog and sharing all of the articles that you find interesting) is to try and show as much compassion to yourself as you would to your friends and families. The next time you fall somewhat short of the goals you have set, look at what you’ve accomplished instead. Congratulate yourself on the battles you won even if the war-victory eludes you for now.

Life can be hard. There is no reason to make it harder.



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