Newfoundland Bound!


As I said earlier, I need to elaborate on the move to St. John’s. It starts off this way:

Sometimes you move to a new place and you find a great person. Sometimes you both realize that there is something special there that you want to pursue. Sometimes, like in a fairy tale, you run off to a tropical island and live out the rest of your life sipping liquor from coconut shells and eating seafood plucked from the sea and cooked on the beach.

And sometimes you move to Newfoundland.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks:

The Good

1) Junk food: No one does junk food like the West. Fish and chips? Poutine? Graaaaaavy? Sign. Me. Up.

2) It’s nice to go to the store and be able to read labels again. I am not brand-loyal at all but there is a certain comfort to be able to recognize the things that you pick up on the shelves. No more brushing my teeth with hemorrhoid cream! Know what I’m sayin’?

The Bad

1) It’s cold. Like really cold. I don’t think this cold is fit for human habitation. I think the people who live here have some type of genetic anomaly. Maybe they have cross-bred with polar bears or seals. It’s far too cold for me.

2) Money! Shit! I forgot how damn expensive the West is! A beer is $5.75. Really? A pack of cigarettes is $12.00. Fuck that noise! It’s insane!

3) Lifestyle: one of my favorite things about Vietnam is the way of life. People seem to live slower and more deliberately. It’s never inappropriate to sit down for a tea or beer and a smoke. It’s ok to be 15 minutes late for an appointment. I like that people spend more time on the street or at cafes socializing than they do in front of the blue glow of their television set. THat doesn’t happen here. I don’t know if it is because of the cost of things or the cold but it doesn’t. To me, after the last 16 months in Asia, things here seem…stale.

The Ugly

1) Me. All bundled up. Trying to survive in these Arctic temperatures.

U-G-L-Y I ain’t got no alibi!

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  1. This validated my decision to save my money and time and just visit you when you get the hell back to SE Asia! Enjoy the contrast.

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