It’s My Vacation! I Do What I Want!

I admit that my soul-less  body is suffering a few pangs of guilt today. I am doing absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. I ate breakfast at the hostel and, besides that, have sat in various places and read and surfed the web (at least those portions that aren’t blocked by the friendly government).

One event is worth writing about, though. I sat on the front steps chatting with my parents this morning. As we talked, a man pulled up on a motor bike with two large sacks of raw meat. He then proceeded to force said sacks through gaps in the gate of a restaurant across the alley. They dropped to the floor through the doors, he tossed a paper receipt in, got back on his motor bike and left.

God only knows how long they will sit there. And that, friends, is how we do dinner!

(I would like to inform my readers that I am making a conscious effort to proofread these posts. Any errors may be attributed to the tiny, Chicklet-size keyboard I am typing on. This caveat is an attempt to dissuade my editor who is currently sitting in his underpants on Gibson Ave. playing World of Warcraft.)

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