Travel is safe. Or, rather, travel is safe but with risks. Risks are involved in everything you do. It’s all about being comfortable living with them. I met a lovely woman in Hanoi. She was a little older than me and was traveling by herself. Four of us sat around a table drinking beer, when, Read More

I learned a new word in Vietnamese class the other day: nhu cầu. It means demand, as in people often have many demands. My teacher asked me to use it in a sentence. I said that when I was in the United States I had many demands. In Vietnam, I had few demands. Let, Read More

After 8 months, the pollution and noise of Hanoi is beginning to wear on me a bit. So, this past weekend, I fled the city. I spent two and a half days sitting on a porch in a small ethnic village called Ta Van. Vietnam has 54 ethnic minorities. The village I stayed in, Read More

Let’s face it: Vietnam is a wonderful country and Hanoi is one of the greatest cities in the world. I know this but I always struggle to explain when people ask me why I live here. Because, honestly, if you haven’t been here, there’s really no way I can explain it to you. Is, Read More

One of the experiences you get from sitting on any of the beaches in Vietnam is the sellers. Local people sell everything on the beach – from things you need like sunglasses and sun lotion, to things you don’t need like bracelets, nail clippers, and statues. Nha Trang, the beach capital of Vietnam, is, Read More