I spent the last of my time in China in the beautiful city of Guilin. The city is a big tourism destination not only for foreigners but also for Chinese. It’s known for the karst mountains (giant limestone bumps) that stick up at various points through the landscape. They are quite gorgeous and I have, Read More

I was sitting outside a metro stop the other day waiting for a friend. While I was there a bunch of scooter cabs pulled up on the sidewalk and were beckoning to people leaving the station. Two of the guys started talking back and forth. I don’t know what they were saying but apparently, Read More

I made it to Chengdu which should be my second to last stop in China. Chengdu is in the west of China and is the last province before Tibet. A lot of the people I have met at my hostel are headed to Tibet. It’s a 44 hour train ride and Americans need special, Read More

I took a night train from Suzhou to Xian. Because I waited far too long to book my ticket, I ended up in a deluxe berth. So, I had a private cabin for 14 hours. While that was a good thing, the furniture was a bit dusty and my allergies have been absolutely haywire, Read More

I’ve spent the last four nights or so in Suzhou. It’s known as the Venice of the East because of the canals that line the city. Most of the canals have been capped and replaced with streets but there are still quite a few left. Mostly, the famous ones are lined with tourist shops, Read More