I was initially quite excited to come to Shanghai but have been a bit disappointed. It has nowhere near the historical sites that Beijing does and, unfortunately, that’s what I love. I went to the Shanghai museum. It is a gorgeous building and has quite an impressive historical collection. There was a gallery showcasing, Read More

FEATURED - Great-Wall-Fence

A group  from the hostel went to the Great Wall.  It’s a little know fact that the Great Wall is very long.  So, to be more precise, we visiting the section of the Great Wall about 90 minutes outside of Beijing at Mutianyu. One of the reasons we selected this section of the wall, Read More

1) I love the tiny little interactions you have with people here. Today, I was visiting Chairman Mao’s mausoleum (spoiler alert: he’s still dead). While going through security (and more security and more security), one of the woman guards noted my tattoo on my forearm and translated it to, “Maybe I’m a Colonel.” She, Read More

On May 4, I went to the Lama Temple. It is a functioning Tibetan Buddhist monastery and temple in Beijing. It was quite moving.  When you go, you are surrounded by throngs of people making offerings of incense and flowers, bowing before the statues, and interacting with the monks. One interesting thing that I would, Read More

God knows I don’t like to judge people based or their ethnicity, color, or religion. But I really don’t care for most German tourists. They seem awfully pushy. And loud. And they woke me up arguing about money. And they stand and block the hallway. And one of them has a crutch that I, Read More