I’ve spent the last four nights or so in Suzhou. It’s known as the Venice of the East because of the canals that line the city. Most of the canals have been capped and replaced with streets but there are still quite a few left. Mostly, the famous ones are lined with tourist shops, Read More

I’m going to spoil this post right now and let you know up front that if you go to a museum about the senseless rape and massacre of a defenseless civilian population, it’s going to be a bit of a downer. I began the day by going to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall or,, Read More

On my last night in Shanghai two friends and I went to Yang’s Fried Dumplings. It’s famous in Shanghai and there is a chain of several of the restaurants. The recipe is known only to the owner and his family. When you walked in the door, there was a windowed room on the left where, Read More

So there are two varieties of a scam that all the hostels warn visitors about: 1) You will be approached by a gentleman or two who say they are from out-of-town. They strike up a conversation with you, explaining various bits of history of whatever site that you are near. Then, they invite you, Read More

On Wednesday, I went to see Chairman Mao at his mausoleum.  To clarify, the state has the mummified corpse of Chairman Mao on display. Security getting in was absolutely insane.  There were at least three scans with X-ray machines and passport or identity card checks.  Also, no bags or cameras were allowed in at, Read More