My grandma once told me a story about how she met my grandpa. Her mother told my grandma to drop out of high school. My grandma was only 16 years old at the time. My great-grandma said that my grandma needed to work to earn money to help support the family. Whatever her feelings, Read More

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When I was a kid, I wanted to work at Dairy Queen so my family and I could enjoy free ice cream on demand.  It was a perfect plan!  Yet, here I am at 36, without a family and knowing that, with a little bit of taste under my belt, DQ ice cream really, Read More

Let’s face it: Vietnam is a wonderful country and Hanoi is one of the greatest cities in the world. I know this but I always struggle to explain when people ask me why I live here. Because, honestly, if you haven’t been here, there’s really no way I can explain it to you. Is, Read More

My great-great grandma, Katarina Jelencic, left Croatia with three kids under the age of 8.  She traveled overland to Rotterdam, where she boarded a boat for New York City.  Once in New York City, she had to travel to Joliet, Illinois, again overland, to meet her husband. This woman was unable to speak English. , Read More

Maybe a glimmer of the sun reflects off the brass and catches your eye. You look down. Maybe you are walking down the sidewalk and the edge of one catches your shoe. You turn around to see what tripped you. It’s a small brass plaque. It’s the smallest part of the largest memorial in, Read More