I admit that my soul-less  body is suffering a few pangs of guilt today. I am doing absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. I ate breakfast at the hostel and, besides that, have sat in various places and read and surfed the web (at least those portions that aren’t blocked by the friendly government). One event, Read More

A few years ago, I was in Rome. I made the mistake of trying to see the forum and Colosseum on the day after I got off the plane. I get in late last night but, having slept on the plane (heavily sedated, of course) as well as at the hostel, I thought I, Read More

As I sit in the first class lounge of American Airlines at O’Hare Airport a few things occur to me. 1) Who the hell is shopping in these airport stores. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can understand shopping at one of the 1000 or so Hudson News that I passed in the various, Read More